Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simple birthday - RAK

I created 3 of these fast and easy cards to add to my RAK card supply. I used up a few scalloped fluffles I got through Wish RAK quite a while back. I think they are alright. I like to keep them simple so that I don't have to add extra postage to them. I would be happy to get one for a card so that is kind how I judge them.

Thanks for coming by!!


Gina said...

This is so sweet, I have that stamp and use it so much, it's go for so many things.

Sara said...

Hey Angie, love the fluffles, I have a few, but always forget about them-lol! Did you get the gift certificate I sent you????

Dru said...

How cute is this Angie!! I love Fluffles!!