Thursday, January 27, 2011

With Sympathy

I kind of feel bad for this card. I made it a couple weeks ago as I felt that it seemed right. The bad part is that I hadn't thought I needed it. Sadly my Mom's elderly neighbour had a terrible accident this weekend and passed away. I ended up giving her the card to give to Magda's family, who she is also friends with. It is just so terrible that I am so sad about it. Magda had an accident in the bath and ended up scalded so badly. After that it is really unclear what transpired. I just truly hope she didn't suffer horribly. She was such a wonderful lady!

So anyways, thanks so much for coming by today. I am hoping I will be able to post a few things this weekend, but tomorrow is a loss as I have to work all day then go work a fundraiser bingo for hockey... Take care and happy crafting!