Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Day Stamping! :)

Good morning!  I have been crazy busy working most days and running the kids to their activities and I haven't had a decent stamping area in so long.  So I neglected my supplies for entirely far too long!  My daughter signed up to be a Stampin Up! demo, so I got the new paper pumkin from her in order to kick start my motivation.  Cleaning and rearranging things in the basement also helped me a bit.  So I ended up signing up for a couple of swaps. 

The first one I have due is for bookmarks.  I was going to do the regular long paper kind, but felt like I wanted to get a bit more creative than that, so I decided to make some corner bookmarks.  I really have nothing new, it is all old stock and papers, etc, so I can't even help with what supplies I used.  I have made a note to self that I NEED to use the supplies I have and just replenish the essentials I run out of for quite some time.  I have several UNOPENED packages of dp to use up also...  Who does that??? 

Well, now I got those done and moved on to a caffienated swap due in July.  Hope you enjoy my bookmarks that I am sharing today!  I forgot how much I love to stamp!

As always, thanks for popping by.  Sorry I have been MIA for so so long!  Take care and please feel free to leave me feedback

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