Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey there neighbour - heard you were getting older!

Happy Birthday neighbour!! I made this card for my neighbour who had his 50th this past weekend. It started as a thank you card then I saw his birthday posted in the paper so I had to change it to a birthday card of course!! I loved the paper and had to get it when I was at my LSS. I thought it would work perfect with my classic cards set and I think it does!

I made 2 of these cards so I could add one to my brother's birthday book which is almost done.

As always, thanks so much for dropping by and I would love to know what you think!


Cindy said...

Very handsome. I love the paper you chose. It does go very well with the image.

cabio's craft corner said...

That's a great image for 50's. How nice to prepare a card for your neighbor :o)

Jaspere said...

This is great. Love that paper with the image.

JazzyH said...

I love the paper. That is great!

Micki Switzer said...

Great colors...Love the added detail of the bottom right corner. That really adds interest and keeps the eye on the image of the car. Great masculine card, Angie.

Michelle said...

I love corvettes! Nice image :)